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The Edge of a Knife


One of my favorite and most go-to craft tools is my trusty exacto knife. I actually have a few, and I use them a LOT.

Scrap booking, cards, stencils, pretty much any and all paper crafts at some point involve my trusty exacto.

So when I was browsing my usual craft store a couple of weeks ago, juggling purchases for multiple projects, and came across a shiny new swivel knife by Crafts etc. with pen-like design and three replacement cutting blades and promises like ‘360 degree blade rotation’ and ability to cut curves and circles I may have fan-girled out, just a touch.

Look at it, isn’t it beautiful?

Now that I have a couple of projects in need of fancy blade rotation and curve cutting powers it’s time for me to try her out. And it’s time for our first ever product review on Owl & Bell!!

Project 1) Doctor Who themed stencils to finish the legs of a geek-tastic (potentially time traveling) end table I’ve been working on. My trusty exacto did great on the TARDIS a while back, but the other subjects I have in mind are decidedly more curvy.

Project 2) A fab bookmark for a friend of mine (with a peacock feather cutout. Definitely curvy.)

I’m gong to try my hand at the bookmark first, the feather design will be more free-handed than the others and allow me to (hopefully) get a handle on the knife before I start on the more precise cuts I need in the stencils.

What I’m using:

Canvas Home Basics Acid Free Bookmarks

Swivel Knife of wonder.

-A pencil with a great eraser

– Clip board (or other cutting  surface)

I sketched out my feather on the bottom of the bookmark lightly to give myself a general shape for cutting. The swivel knife was amazing for the fine, curvy shape I wanted and i ended up free handing most of the feather.

I finished the bookmark by cutting a piece of scrapbook paper the same height but double the width of the bookmark, fold it and seal the two sides together. Glue the paper to the back of your bookmark, the color will peak through your cuts and give a pretty backing. I finished mine by punching a hole top center and threading through a sheer purple ribbon. I’m still not too sure about my last-minute decision of a fleur de lis stamp, but it’s growing on me.

I’m in LOVE with the swivle knife. I was afraid it would take me  awhile to get a hang of the swiveling tip, but it was super responsive and made it almost ridiculously easy to cut very fine curves.

New favorite tool? I’m thinking yes.

~O & B

P.S. here’s a sneak peek at the Doctor Who end table. Stay tuned for the full project.

**This blog is not affiliated with Crafts Etc., Canvas Home or any of the other companies.  No one payed me in any way to review or use any of the products.