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Bottled Up: Poison

Bottled Up: Poison

“If you drink too much from a bottle marked “poison,” it’s almost certain to disagree with you sooner or later.” -Lewis Carrol

After smashing the bottle I was going to use in the first incarnation of this tutorial, I found this amazing set at Michael’s (it’s from Tim Holtz’s idea-ology line and the bottles are stunning).

They aren’t jewelry ready, so refer to this tutorial for how to make your bottle into a pendant.

Here’s how you make your own poison bottle necklace just in time for Halloween:


– Bottle

– 20 gauge or similar wire, wire cutters and needle nose pliers (for pendant tutorial)

red ribbon

-2 bead caps (like these)

-fine black glitter (mine is onyx by Martha Stewart Crafts)

GOOP (or other clear craft glue)

-clear liquid (mineral oil, acrylic resin, water, or other liquid of your choice)

-hook and eye closure or other jewelry clasp

Add glitter and liquid of your choice to your bottle, if it’s a thick liquid (i.e. not mineral oil or water) stir in glitter( if you want it suspended in the liquid.) I actually used clear shower gel (I know) because it’s thick enough to keep the glitter suspended and I like the little bubbles it gets at the top, reminds me of classic bubbly cartoon poison. Add a bead of glue around the bottom edge of your cork before you put it back in the bottle, this will help the cork stay in and prevent spills or leaks.

Thread your ribbon through the wire loop on your bottle. Put a bead cap on one end of your ribbon, loop the end (tail) of the ribbon through your hook and back through your bead cap (I had to use a pin to help get the ribbon back through).

You’ve effectively created a loop of ribbon that your hook is secured too. Knot the ribbon under the bead cap so the tail doesn’t slide back out. Trim excess, repeat with eye on other end of ribbon.

(If you’re using a lobster clasp instead of a hook and eye follow the directions above for the clasp on one side and simply make a loop with the ribbon on the other end, knot it, and slip the loop through your other bead cap, the lobster clap can fasten to this loop of ribbon.)

The bead caps are really optional, but I think they help cap the knots in the ribbon and give a polished look.




Voila! Poison Bottle.

Look for 2 more Bottle Necklace Tutorials and then a GIVEAWAY!!

~O & B

PS comment of email with any questions!


Bottled Up Redux


I’ll tell you a secret, the bottle necklaces were supposed to be a double tutorial, making two very different necklaces from two identical bottles. (Genius, I know) Tragically I dropped bottle number two and it was smashed to tiny, no longer bottle-shaped, bits. Alas I will not be able to complete the tutorial for it until I go and purchase more bottles.

Here’s a sneak preview of Bottles: The Lost Tutorial.

~O & B

P.S. Keep a lookout for the finished tutorial, which will include a contest. The winner will get their choice of bottle necklaces!

Bottled Up


These guys, along with my own (months ago) impulse buy of two amazing tiny bottles, were my inspiration for the week. I do this thing where I buy amazing stuff, with no freaking clue what to do with it, and then it clutters up the place until I have a light bulb moment.

I loved both of the ideas above(click-through the pictures for sources), and they’re amazingly simple to personalize. Here’s my finished product-

I decided to combine the ‘sky’ charm (left-over from a bracelet I made last year) with a feather for mine. You could put almost anything in your jar, with or without charm, for a pretty sweet necklace.

Here’s what you need:

jewelry Bottle

– Chain (or ribbon) (mine’s Metal Madness)

– A couple of pairs of jewelry pliers (round-nosed and another narrow pair of your choice)

3 jump or split rings (i prefer split when connecting the clasp, they tend to be sturdier)

– a lobster claw or other clasp of your choice

– a charm (optional)

feather or other item to put in your jar

Decide how long you want your chain, usually you wont use the whole package, so, with your pliers, open a link at the length you want and detach your chain. Finish your chain by adding a ring to each end, attach your clasp to one of the rings.

Use your remaining ring to attach your charm and bottle to your chain.

Note: my bottle already had a ring in the cork, so I could use it with jewelry, if yours doesn’t check out Etsy’s Bottled Potions tutorial for how to make your bottle into a pendant.

Last step: place your feather (or whatever you decide) in the bottle. (Hint: if you decide to useĀ  feather, and have a bottle like mine with a narrow neck, it may seem like it wont fit into the bottle, or will mess up the feather. Trust me, push the feather in and use its ‘stem’ or your narrow pliers to push it way down into the bottom of the bottle, it will reform and curl up nicely into the bottom of the jar.)

And you’re done!!! I added a drop of craft glue (GOOP for life) onto my cork before I put it back in the bottle for the last time, just to make sure the jar doesn’t slip off.

If you have any questions, or idea of what else you could put in these amazing jars, leave a comment!

~O & B