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Weird Wednesday.


If you’re having an awkward day like me, where you oscillate between being hyper busy and having ridiculously dull downtime. Or you’re just in that mid-week ‘please let me sleep or die’ phase, have I got a post for you? (no, really, have I. Cause I’m winging it pretty hard here.)

Stroll over to the never disappointing, totally enchanting How About Orange for an amazing giveaway. (which I entered. and should you, and not I, win I will be very perturbed) Or waste some time with their completely mesmerizing time wasters.

Curbly, a paragon of amazing crafting, has a framed branch tutorial that screams ‘fall’ to me.

And Craftaholoics Anonymous has an adorable printable meet-your-neighbor template that I should probably use since I literally just moved, but won’t because I’m too antisocial. Maybe you’re into that.

~O & B


Bottled Up Redux


I’ll tell you a secret, the bottle necklaces were supposed to be a double tutorial, making two very different necklaces from two identical bottles. (Genius, I know) Tragically I dropped bottle number two and it was smashed to tiny, no longer bottle-shaped, bits. Alas I will not be able to complete the tutorial for it until I go and purchase more bottles.

Here’s a sneak preview of Bottles: The Lost Tutorial.

~O & B

P.S. Keep a lookout for the finished tutorial, which will include a contest. The winner will get their choice of bottle necklaces!